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The Holman Clavel Inn, Taunton Deane

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Culmhead, Blagdon Hill, Taunton, Somerset

  • This pub is 600 years old. Reporters have heard an apparition play skittles in the back of the street. Things have been energetic from rooms and a void brew container topped itself off amid the night. In one occurrence, a book set out for some absent from the bar counter and discovered after 30 days in a closet upstairs. Presently, 'Chimbley Charlie' is in charge of this commotion and debacle. This cut unpleasantness sits over the chimney on a pillar made of holman, the tongue word for holly and the bar is the clavey or clavvy. On one event, an agriculturist, who had made fake of Charlie, sorted out a gathering at the inn. A cleaner, who was setting tables, said to the rancher, "Charlie dislike "ee."" During an investigation, this hearth devil had gathered the dishes set for dinner. Somebody had set all the tankards on their snares and cloth collapsed and gathered up. They took this as a sign that Charlie did not need the agriculturist there. In this manner, they scratched off the gathering.


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