The Harrow Inn, Knockholt

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The Harrow Inn, Sevenoaks

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Harrow Road, Knockholt, Sevenoaks, Kent

  • A country inn at one of Kent’s highest points, it is built of brick with weatherboarding and has history from the late 1500s. The pub name is after the agricultural implement for breaking up earth in farm fields. In the early 1700s, a highwayman arrived, robbed everyone and helped himself to all the pub takings. He was tracked to another inn nearby where he was drinking the proceeds of his crime, taken back and hanged from a beam at the Harrow. From time to time, he , witnesses see, strolling through the Harrow Inn wearing a tricorne hat, a long black cloak and high riding boots. In 2nd97, this village was recorded as Old English Ocholt, with Nocholt by 1353, the place at the oak tree.


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