The Hare, West Hendred

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The Hare, Vale of White Horse

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Reading Road, West Hendred, Wantage, Oxfordshire

  • This is a fine rustic hotel with an uncommon name. It is after the creature, which acts, in a rowdy manner in March amid the rearing season. A bloom-embellished tractor stopped outside authorizes The inn's rural climate. The Hare is a long white painted inn on two stories, encompassed by trees and fields. A few years back, a neighbourhood man terminated in a street mischance outside or close to the Hare. From that point forward, there have been appearances in the pub of the apparition of a man with a draining face. His ghost wears a top and jacket. Witnesses have seen him outside. They see him shoot before approaching movement. Drivers have braked hard to evade him and swerved about in the street. Nonetheless, when they ponder to hit him, he vanishes.


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