The Greyhound Inn, Saughall

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The Greyhound Inn, Cheshire West and Chester

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Seahill Road, Saughall, Chester, Cheshire

  • The Greyhound has history from the fourteenth century. It is home to some brutal with saucy apparitions. There is one impudent nebulous vision. He is a phantom. He has overwhelming whiskers, long dark layer, waistcoat, and a watch-chain. He turns up on events behind the bar. One cleaner, who was there when he showed, yelled, 'Tidy up, you saucy bugger'. She said he smiled with then vanished. Somebody has physically pushed different cleaners while they are working. They have said the shoulders with snatch them shaken energetically. One night in the wake of shutting, three parts of staff heard somebody revamping furniture in the parlour. When they researched, they found that bar stools, which had been stacked, were lying on the floor. A heavenly investigative group analysed the pub apparitions a few years prior. Amid a séance, they reached four apparitions; a young girl called Aimee with three men, Robert, Andrew, and James. They called for a sign that they were apparitions. They heard the sound of something tumbling off the divider in an alternate bar. This was a well- settled notice board keeping up that it is illicit for youngsters to remained at the bar


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