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The Golden Cross, Cotswold

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20 Blackjack Street, Cirencester, Gloucestershire

  • There are different pubs called the Golden Cross all through England. On the other hand, there is no acceptable history from its importance. One, at Coventry, individuals called the Golden Cross, since it is on the site of an old mint that made gold coins. This Golden Cross may identify with a function or bit of chapel formal attire at the close-by Cirencester Cathedral. The early introduction of the road name, Black Jack Street, is that it could have been after a robber or other criminal. In any case, one clarification is that there is a statue adjacent of St John the Baptist. Smiths carried on metalworking in the territory. The hotness from the heater stained that statue so much it locals knew it as 'Dark Jack'. The Golden Cross is an early Victorian style of pub and spooky by no less than two phantoms. Onlookers portray one as being a minister or priest, wearing a Victorian style dark cassock. The other is a little young girl, in an ash dress, a pinafore and overwhelming shoes or stops up.


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