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The George Hotel, Sedgemoor

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Church Street, Wedmore, Somerset

  • An elderly woman in Edwardian style attire , witnesses have seen, to appear at the George Inn in mirrors. She has been witnessed in some of the corridors, with then to disappear into the wall. In addition, a mean minded apparition holds people down in bed. A poltergeist has been active, with cups have turned around on tables of their own volition on many occasions. One guest saw an apparition in the mirror of his bedroom one night. He looked behind him, thinking it was a hotel servant. However, there was no one there. When he turned again to look in the mirror, she was there, with looking at him intently. This phantom was dressed in Edwardian style clothing with a high necked-blouse and long black hair streaked with grey. The woman has also , witnesses saw, attending Christmas parties at the inn, with always wearing a long black dress. This is an inn over 500 years old, with has part of the old churchyard and graveyard in the foundations.


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