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The George, Enfield

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5 The Town, Enfield, Middlesex, Greater London

  • Standing in the centre of Enfield Town, ten miles from central London, The George was the town's main coaching inn where horses and coachmen would be changed before continuing their journey into the city, and it is from this period in its history that The George's ghost story comes. The memoirs of a former landlord mention that he had never seen the ghost 'Old George' in all the thirty-two years he had lived there although many 'peculiar things' had happened. 'Old George', so the story goes, seems to have been a coachman who was concerned that the coach was running very late and ran out to greet it when he finally heard the hooves of the horses and clattering of wheels approaching the inn. As he ran out into the road he slipped and fell into the path of the team of horses and was trampled to death.


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