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The George, Runnymede

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45 Guildford Street, Chertsey, Surrey

  • It is a fine, old, former coaching inn. This inn has at least two resident ghosts that have been witnessed over the years. One , observers describe, as an aged monk with a cowl, with the other a man in Victorian style clothing. This man , witnesses have seen, standing in one bar, as though waiting for someone. He , witnesses describe, as a bit of a dandy, with a strong odour of cigar smoke surrounding him. There has also been much poltergeist activity, especially in the kitchen, with the sound of a woman weeping in an empty upper room. The George has been a Second-grade listed building for over 60 years since it is in part 15th century, with timber framing, with stucco with casements and glazing bars. There is also an unusual hiding place in the rear of a chimney.


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