The George at Nunney, Frome

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The George at Nunney, Mendip

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Church Street, Nunney

  • Following the Battle of Sedgemoor, near Bridgewater, in 1685 authorities hanged a number of men at this inn after a trial. Their ghosts are still in residence and witnesses have seen them hanging from nooses. Outside the pub is the frequent appearance of a hitchhiker who passed away in an accident nearby. When his body was at the George, the authorities attended to hold an inquest. This was commonplace as authorities held many inquests in pubs before anyone built designated courts. The Duke of Monmouth had made a bid for the throne. However, he was defeated at Sedgemoor. Monmouth frequently appears at Nunney mounted on a horse as his ghostly figure flees the battlefield.
  • The George at Nunney at Frome


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