The George and Dragon, Much Wenlock

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The George and Dragon, Shropshire

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2 High Street, Much Wenlock, Shropshire

  • The village is an ancient one, with , locals knew, as Wininicas in AD675 from an old Celtic name indicating a monastery on the site. This pub has history from the 17th century. It was a coaching inn and used by village waggons. There are at least two ghosts in residence here: a large black dog and a girl who worked here. In the 1800s, one proprietor treated his dog cruelly, with locked it in the cellar without food or drink. When the proprietor was drunk, the girl released the dog, with fed it. Staff and customers have had sight of the phantom dog and the caring maidservant in the oldest part of the pub. Occasionally, a further male apparition , witnesses have seen, standing in the bar, with legend has it that it is the brutal proprietor.


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