The Four Horseshoes, Thornham Magna

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The Four Horseshoes, Mid Suffolk

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Wickham Road, Thornham Magna, Suffolk

  • An extraordinarily attractive, rambling thatched, colour-washed pub, it has history from 2nd50 in an equally striking village. Because of the high quality of its architecture, it is now Second-grade listed. Inside there is much in the way of exposed wood, inglenook fireplace, with there is even a wishing well. In keeping with its ancient appearance, the Four Horseshoes exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include the ghosts of an old woman and her daughter. There is no history behind their haunting. However, legend has it the two had died in a fire. A number of residents here have reported being awakened by noise in the night, with the sensation of overpowering heat. There has also been poltergeist activity. This occurred when television sets have turned on, with no person nearby to touch him or her.


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