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The Fortune of War, Brighton and Hove

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157 Kings Road Arches, Brighton, East Sussex

  • The curious name of this beach side pub was the whimsical choice of an 18th century sailor who lost an arm and leg in battle. With his pension, he was able to open a pub in London and called it the Fortune of War. It became a popular and widespread pub name. A sign outside the Brighton pub reads, ‘The fortune of war, I tell you quite plain, is a wooden leg or a golden chain.’ In the 1860s, the King’s Royal Arches were built for anglers to shelter, repair nets and store other equipment. In the early 1900s, the licensee was Captain Fred Collins, who had a reputation among the anglers. One night, one of these anglers became aggressive and violent. During the fight with Captain Collins, he was seriously injured and later died. It exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include at least two men, one of them said to be the murdered man, with the other Captain Collins. There has also been a series of poltergeist activity, with lights switching on and off with no apparent problems with the electricity supply. Collins had earlier gained fame as the Captain of the pleasure boat, Skylark.


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