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The Falstaff, Derby

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74 Silver Hill Road, Derby, Derbyshire

  • Sir John Falstaff appears in three of the plays by William Shakespeare. He is a huge, fat man, a boastful liar. He was fond of practical jokes. However, he acted as though he were a loveable old rogue. Some scholars have seen in his name a play on Shakespeare as ‘false staff’. There are maintained to be four separate ghosts at this pub, a young boy, an ex-proprietor, a bare-knuckle fighter, and an army sergeant major. On top of these ghostly residents, also a poltergeist moves items. He turns off electrical appliances. It someone named after the Derby porcelain, which, dates from the 18th century. The illustration is of the 18th century actor, James Quinn, in his stage costume as Falstaff.


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