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The Eclipse, Winchester

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25 The Square, Winchester, Hampshire

  • A woman who supported the Duke of Monmouth in his bid for the throne the authorities executed outside the Eclipse. Lady Alice Lisle sheltered some of his supporters after the Battle of Sedgemoor. It was beheaded for it. She spent her last night on earth at this inn. Reports have it of a tall woman now seen walking through the inn, wearing a long grey dress, with the ghostly sounds of hammering as the execution structure is erected. She had appealed to the King for clemency after her trial before Judge Jeffreys. However, this was refused. At her trial at Winchester Assizes, two men, who disagreed with the verdict, drew their swords to protest, with were later executed themselves. Alice Lisle has also , witnesses saw, haunting Moyle Court, where she had lived, with , witnesses see, in a coach without a driver. However, the coach had two headless horses.


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