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The Dyke Tavern, Brighton and Hove

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218 Dyke Road, Brighton, East Sussex

  • They call her the ‘Grey Lady’ at what was once called the Windmill Inn. A woman working here was cleaning the beer pump handles when she felt she was being watched. She turned around and, near the fireplace about three yards away, she saw a ghostly woman. This woman was wearing a full-length grey dress with a pleated front and a high collar. Although she looked solid, her face was very grey the witness reported, with slowly she dissolved away. The ‘Grey Lady’ has been observed on many occasions by other members of staff, who have spoken to her only to see her disappear. There have been poltergeist activities over the years, with objects moving about and beer supplies being cut off from the cellar. Curious footsteps , reporters have heard, outside a bathroom. However, no one is visible.


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