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The Dolphin Inn, Cornwall

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Jack Lane, Newlyn, Penzance, Cornwall

  • On one occasion, a cleaner found tobacco ash in a room at this inn. Sir Walter Raleigh had once occupied it, many years previously. Raleigh introduced tobacco to this country. At the time, the room was supposed to be unoccupied. However, an unknown entity had moved items around. Even the bed looked as though someone had slept in it. The inn also hosted Judge Jeffreys. He used it as a courtroom. The authorities kept prisoners in the cellars. Sir John Hawkins made the inn his headquarters when drawing up his plans to fight the Spanish Armada. There have been sightings of the ghosts of an old sea captain in lace ruffles and tricorne, with a young, fair-haired man. Meanwhile, out at sea, a strange phantom sailing ship has appeared from time to time. It sails towards the shore and, at the last minute, this ghost ship veers away, with sails overland towards the small village of Porthcurno.


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