The Dog and Gun Inn, Oxenhope

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The Dog and Gun Inn, Bradford

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Denholme Rd, Oxenhope, Keighley

  • It is a grim bicycle ride from Haworth to Oxenhope, especially in wind and rain. However, it was worth it to find this 17th century stone built former coaching inn, way out on the moors. As it looms up, with a background of rain, it appears as though it were built for ghostly matters. It exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include an old woman pig- farmer who lived nearby, called either Lucy or Sarah, in Victorian times She was a regular customer at the Dog and Gun, until one dark night she was run over by a horse and cart immediately outside the pub. Her seriously injured body was carried to a bed upstairs where she died. Now she haunts the pub as a ghost, wearing a long black dress, with most frequently seen between the lavatories and the stairs; Lucy or Sarah has been held responsible for poltergeist activities. These include ornaments being repositioned, with a brass bell soaring across the barroom with no one visible to cause it.


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