The Darnley Arms, Cobham

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The Darnley Arms, Gravesham

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40 The Street

  • Recorded as having been built in the 12th century, this is the oldest secular building in Cobham. It connects by a tunnel to the church, used by smugglers hiding their contraband in the 18th century. The inn exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include Sir Thomas Kemp, from the 16th century, who spent his last night here before execution. In 1567, he and other Kent men met at Ashford as commissioners for the defence of the seacoast, with developed a system of signalling by means of beacon fires. In 1588, he commanded a band of Kentish men-at-arms during the attack on England by the Spanish Armada. Now, this is where records are somewhat awry and at differences. The ghost is also , locals knew, as Sir Thomas Kempe, created a Knight of the Carpet in 1546. It was Sheriff of Kent County for three terms. Sir Thomas may have been party to the Gunpowder Plot of 1605, as were many Kentish aristocrats.
  • The Darnley Arms at Cobham


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