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The Crown Hotel, Poole

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23 Market St, Poole, Dorset

  • At the centre of Poole, the Crown is a coaching inn from the 17th century for travellers to the West Country. A demented ghost pianist plays here, just a monotone, from time to time. It may be that Thomas Hardy heard of this musical ghost as he wrote in one of his poems; “I hear the piano playing/Just as a ghost might play’’. There have also been sounds of something being dragged across a floor. A fine mist appears from the ‘music room’ and drifts downstairs onto the street. One man bolted the door of that room. He marked five crosses on it to contain the phantom, with stood back to watch. Slowly, the door opened. Reports claim it that at this point a red fireball shot out. He pursued the man. There are good reports of shrill screams and crying coming from children. They had been locked away by a 19th century proprietor since they had been born deformed. Finally, he murdered them. Outside the pub, witnesses saw four men without heads. These chaps were carrying a coffin along the road before disappearing. Several tradesmen refused to deliver to the stable yard because of the ghostly sounds of children running and screaming. However, who were invisible. During renovation in the 1960s, a curious feature reports revealed. It was a room concealed under the roof with a window, a fireplace, but, no door.


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