The Cross Keys, Harpenden

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The Cross Keys, St Albans

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39 High Street, Harpenden, Hertfordshire

  • Scholars of history accept there was a guesthouse on the site of the Cross Keys in the thirteenth century. Unsurprisingly, monks haunt this hostelry. In the 1960s, a relief manager was running of the bar. One night he went to bed; however, the sound of men talking in the bar downstairs stirred him. Imagining that he had robbers, he went down stairs to inspect. Circumspectly peering into the bar, he was the stunned when he saw three shaven headed men by one of the tables. He portrayed them as wearing dim robes and looking like medieval ministers. The monks turned and took a gander at him. This was too much to handle, as manager fled back to his room. Here, he secured himself for whatever was left of the night.


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