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The Croft, Shropshire

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10/11 St. Mary's Street

  • A splendid hotel with history going back to the 17th century, the Croft presents as a fine Georgian style building which is Grade II listed. Parts of the interior are Tudor with a wealth of beams, both ceiling and huge support posts, and an inglenook fireplace. The Croft is in the High Town part of Bridgnorth and is in a preservation area. They have some curious phantoms here including the sound of church bells. These bells appear to be heard only by women in one particular room but reports say that they last all night. At the same time that the bells sound an unseen presence pulls at the feet of the guest. On occasion, the phantom tugging at feet has manifested as a woman wearing black. This ghost has also been witnessed walking across the dining room before disappearing into the wall.
  • The Croft at Bridgnorth


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