The Cooperage, Newcastle upon Tyne

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The Cooperage, Newcastle upon Tyne

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32 The Close, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear

  • During the Napoleonic Wars, press gangs roamed the pubs looking for men they could take away to serve in the Royal Navy. During a battle with one of these gangs, on the dockside and around this building, a local man, Henry Hardwick expired. He has remained there as the resident pub ghost. The ghost of Hardwick has typically manifested in an alleyway near the pub, suffering from body wounds, or inside the Cooperage. Another male ghost, dressed in Edwardian style clothing, has been observed outside the pub, with within the building. The Cooperage is one of the oldest timber framed 16th century pubs still in use in the city. Inside, there is a warren of small rooms and steep wooden staircases. In the past, it has been the home of a wealthy merchant, a mayoral residence and a warehouse. At one time, the building was Arthur’s Cooperage, supplying casks to local breweries and this gave rise to the present name.


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