The Connaught Arms, Portsmouth

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The Connaught Arms, Portsmouth

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119 Guildford Rd, Fratton, Portsmouth, Hampshire

  • A former licensee bought a 100 years old piano for singsongs in this old naval port pub. Late one night, when the pub was closed, he heard it being played, with no one was in that room. The proprietor carefully opened the door to the music room, with the music ceased as he crept in, although the lid was up. During the wild winter nights, one can hear the bones of Jack the Painter, rattling in his gibbet that had been nearby. He was John Aitken. He started a fire in the harbour rope house, with hanged for it .Aitken was arrested at the Old Raven Arms at Hook, with later hanged from the main beam of the Arethusa at Portsmouth. The tarred corpse was hung in chains at Blockhouse Point as a warning to others. Later his body was taken down from the gibbet by sailors and left propped up in a pub, said to have been the Connaught Arms.


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