The Clock House Hotel, Chideock

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The Clock House Hotel, West Dorset

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Chideock, Bridport, Dorset

  • Behind this hotel, built in 1465, is considerable history as it is where the trial of the Chideock Martyrs took place. Chideock village exhibits ghostly manifestations. These include two ghosts. One is the ‘Black Dog’, said to be the Devil, following people along lanes and howling. The other is a priest who fell in love with a village widow. He went into mourning when she married another man, with took his own life by hanging himself. The inn itself exhibits ghostly manifestations. These include a young woman in a smock or loose gown. She frequently appears in the car park as people drive in, or in a bar. Her ghost is of a singular appearance in that she has no legs. Over the years, there have been tales of the ghosts of men in 17th century style clothing seen in several rooms at the Clock House, with the sounds of weeping.


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