The Chequers Inn, Woolmer Green

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The Chequers Inn, Welwyn Hatfield

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16 London Rd, Woolmer Green, Knebworth, Anstey, Hertfordshire

  • During the 17th century, this region was noted for the number of brilliant fiddlers. One was ‘Blind George’ who regularly played at the Chequers Inn. After one night of drinking and merriment, they discussed the local Devil’s Hole, said to lead by tunnel to Anstey Castle. The castle is an eleventh century building. Most agreed that no one went into that cave and came out alive, at which Blind George scoffed. He said he would go in with his dog, with return to buy them all a drink. George entered the mouth of the tunnel, playing his fiddle. The anxious villagers heard the muted sounds across the fields. Suddenly there was the most awful cry. Minutes later George’s dog came speeding out with most of its hair burned from its body; and George was never seen again. Every now and again, across the fields, come the ghostly strains of a master fiddler, with the dogs in the village whimper. Then a ghostly middle-aged man appears in one of the bars.


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