The Chequers Inn, Oxford

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The Chequers Inn, Oxford

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131 High St, Oxford, Oxfordshire

  • Eight centuries ago, this was a private house and the premises of a moneylender who traded under the Roman sign of a chequerboard. There is some history there was an underground passageway from the building to the nearby Mitre Inn. During the Dissolution of the Monasteries by Henry 8th, soldiers drove monks into the passageway, bricked up the entrance and all perished within this oubliette. It is whispered in the taverns, that on a quiet night, the ghosts of those long dead clerics , one may hear, screaming to be released. The Henley murderer, Mary Blandy, , authorities hanged, at Westgate in 1752. A local legend is that a blackbird perched on the beam of the scaffold during the hanging, with since then no blackbird has sung in that area.


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