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The Check Inn, Swindon

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79 Woodland View, North Wroughton, near Swindon, Wiltshire

  • It is a nice little play on words here for an early Victorian pub that was once called the Black Horse. The village of Wroughton is close to The Ridgeway, a national path, which is connected to the ancient Uffington White Horse. In 1874, the village celebrated for two days after the horse George Frederick, which was stabled in the High Street, Wroughton, won the Epsom Derby. The horse and its trainer, Tom Leader, who was born in Wroughton, were escorted from Swindon by a brass band, with received in the village, which had declared all of its pubs to be open houses. As far back as that, villagers talked of the strange ghosts that then haunted this pub. Over many years, employees have reported seeing ghostly figures standing at the bar. Once they realise they are being scrutinised, they regard their watchers with amusement, with disappear. On one occasion, a visiting psychic said that the pub was also haunted by a man in an 18th century wig, writing with a quill pen.


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