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The Bush Inn, Cornwall

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Crosstown, Morwenstow, Bude, Cornwall

  • This is another pub claiming to be the oldest in England. It has history from about AD 940. It was originally, a hermit’s cave offering food and shelter to pilgrims. Various groups have tested Many times the pub for ghosts who reported paranormal events. One previous proprietor, Jim Gregory, had a problem with a door that someone found open every morning. Several times, he wired it up with stronger material each time. However, each morning, the broken wire was lying on the ground. Persons staying here have reported an elderly, seafaring man sitting on a four-poster bed. They also witness a group of people on the staircase who disappear when a person addresses them. There are at least 40 unknown buried in the graveyard. The sea has washed up their bodies from wrecked ships. There have been reports, over many years, of phantoms. These apparitions wear seafaring clothing, wandering through the church graveyard. Some years ago, at a nearby manor, there was a metal-bound wooden chest, acquired from a ship in the Spanish Armada. It revealed an evil spirit.


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