The Bull At Burford, Burford

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The Bull At Burford, West Oxfordshire

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105 High Street

  • With history from 1658, the Old Bull has a brick and stone frontage with a commanding view over the high street. William Baxter , an assailant took this person’s life, in a scuffle at this inn. He still haunts it. During the 1770s, there were three brothers, Tom, Dick and Harry Dudson living in Burford. They terrorised the area by violence and robbery for many years until in 1784, a carter turned up with two of the brothers flat out on his waggon, their legs trailing over the tailgate. They had been hanged at Gloucester Gaol and were then gibbeted near this inn. The Bull exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include these two men with muffled noises in the night, with the shouts of foul language. In 1797, the local newspaper reported a fire at the Old Bull when a candle had fallen onto straw in the stables. This started a huge conflagration in which seven coach horses were badly burned, with later died or were shot. Since then, there have been frequent loud pitched whinnies and cries from the original area of the stables.
  • The Bull At Burford at Burford


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