The Bottle and Glass, Dudley

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The Bottle and Glass, Dudley

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Tipton Road, Black Country Living Museum, Dudley, West Midlands

  • We visited this pub in July 2010. This public house is actually in the grounds of The Black Country Museum. This museum is lot like Beamish in County Durham. Please be aware that entry, to the museum, for two adults and a child was over £30. The pub is novel in that it was moved brick-by-brink from Briefly Hill (five or so miles away) to the museum. The public house itself was established in 1770s. It had a ghost, which moved with the pub. The ghost of an elderly man is said to appear in the corner of the bar, only to disappear a split second later. Perhaps, he exits quickly as the beer was over £3 per pint. The bitter on offer was from Hanson’s Brewery. Weston’s cider was on offer too. Oddly, not one of the pump clips were on display. There was a strong notice that meant that you are disallowed to eat your own food inside the pub. It is noteworthy that there are two chip shops contained within the museum grounds. The more expensive of the two uses animal fat, whereas the other uses vegetable oil. Interestingly, there was a diminutive version of the public house at one of the exhibitions in the museum main building. It had an array of old beer containers with botanic printed neatly upon them (of course, ‘botanic’ was later reinvented as ‘organic’). There was video display showing spectators how to make groaty pudding, an old public house special from the Black Country.


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