The Boot and Shoe, Darlington

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The Boot and Shoe, Darlington

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The Boot & Shoe, Church Row

  • Rather an odd name for a pub, it has a long history over two centuries and may have been named after the boot and shoemaking industry in the town. At one time, Darlington was a centre of tanning and leather making with Skinnergate being the location of Darlington’s skin market. By the start of the 18th century, the leather trade had been replaced by a sheep market. This pub exhibits various ghostly manifestations including a young domestic girl who died in the attics many years ago and a large man in a leather apron who may have been a local blacksmith. Witnesses report one bar, as being home to the ghost of a large man in a leather apron who may have been the local blacksmith. County Durham is unique as for many centuries it was a virtually independent state ruled not by the king but by powerful Prince Bishops who were more or less the ‘Kings of County Durham’.
  • The Boot and Shoe at Darlington


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