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The Blue Lion, South Cambridgeshire

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74 Main Street, Hardwick, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

  • The building has history from the 1680s. It became an inn in 1737. The unusual name refers to the Royal House of Denmark with special reference to Queen Anne, wife of James 1st with mother of Charles 1st. The inn exhibits ghostly manifestations. These include Mabel and 18th century proprietor. When she appears, her mood apparently changes each time. She can be smiling, scowling or violent. During the English Civil War, troops of marauding Puritan soldiers marched against churchmen who did not agree with them. In 1644, they assaulted the Hardwick incumbent with his seven children. They ejected him from the church. He was seriously injured. He died sometime later. The ghost of that vicar still haunts the church of St Marys. Nearby Hardwick Hall exhibits ghostly manifestations. These include the ghost of Bess of Hardwick. She makes appearances in the rooms of the south wing, where she had her own private apartment. The figure of Bess standing over A housekeeper was once awakened her in her bedroom. Bess spoke kindly to the housekeeper. She thanked her for looking after the house with its contents so well.


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