The Blacksmiths Arms, Brampton

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The Blacksmiths Arms, Carlisle

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  • The old inn is now a large and fine hotel. White painted and decorated with old wagon wheels it is almost late Georgian in appearance although it has smaller windows. Inside are dark panelled walls and a large open fireplace. The resident ghost here is a former proprietor who died over a century ago. Maggie Stobbart was licensee here for many years and makes regular appearances to ensure all is well. When she manifests, she is dressed in a late Victorian style of dress. Sometimes observers see her to be smiling happily at individuals but on other occasions she appears with a pursed look on her face - when this occurs glasses have flown from the bar top to smash upon the ground. It may not be Maggie but doors have also opened and closed with no one nearby.
  • The Blacksmiths Arms at Brampton


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