The Black Lion, Hammersmith and Fulham

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The Black Lion, Hammersmith and Fulham

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South Black Lion Lane, Hammersmith, London, Greater London

  • Originally, this was the heraldic device of Owain Glyndwr, the Welsh chieftain and his father, Madoc ap Meredith, both of whom carried the black lion on their armour and bearings. At this riverside inn, a ghost, observers saw, by a rat catcher, a brewer’s clerk, a shoemaker’s apprentice, and the parish warden in 1803. Prior to that, the ghost had, observers saw, by a pregnant woman. She reported that the ghost had chased her, gathered her up in its arms. Two days later the woman died from heart failure. A local man was out walking one night when an excise officer, Francis Smith, looking for this ghost, saw something, fired, and shot the nocturnal pedestrian dead. The victim was a builder and plasterer called Thomas Millwood. The ghost of Millwood still walks and there have been reports of sightings of him over the past few years. In the Long Room at the Black Lion, a small child, observers have seen, to skip around the room. She, observers describe, as very pretty, about eight years old and dressed in the style of Alice in Wonderland.


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