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The Black Horse, Scarborough

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91 Church Street

  • On the face of it, the Black Horse is a good example of a Victorian style pub on one of Whitby’s oldest streets. However, investigators found evidence that behind that façade there was a pub on the site in the 17th century. Even more fascinating, investigators discovered that in foundations that there was rubble and other materials, which appeared to have originated from Whitby Abbey. This would take the present pub building to the 12th century. The Black Horse also features what many believe to be one of the oldest public serving bars in Europe. Refurbishes installed it shortly after its invention in America in the 1870s. In the past, the pub has also served as a mortuary and a brothel. When authorities held inquests in pubs, there was one such inquiry into the death of a local woman. Hannah Locker, aged 71, had fallen from her chair, and fractured her skull on the fireside fender. The authorities kept her body at the Black Horse for several days and now she is the resident ghost. Over the years, staff and residents have reported seeing the phantom of an old woman and white hair wearing a long black dress. She appears at the head of the narrow staircase. However, dissolves into a mist within seconds.
  • The Black Horse at Whitby


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