The Black Horse Inn, Wantage

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The Black Horse Inn, Vale of White Horse

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Main St, East Hanney, Wantage, Oxfordshire

  • Black Horse At one time ‘Hanging’ Judge Scroggs lived in East Hanney with his wife, Ann. Scroggs, was Lord Chief Justice in 1678 and described as ‘brutal, vicious, cruel, intolerant, prejudiced, and impatient’. He sat on 13 important treason trials and hanged every defendant. Scroggs had sentenced one man to prison for life, thought better of it, recalled him, and sentenced him to death. The Black Horse exhibits ghostly manifestations. These include a man dressed in the style of a 17th century lawyer, wearing a long black jacket and legal bibs, who may well be Scroggs himself. The local Dandridge Mill Bridge haunted for many years by a woman in a white skirt and bonnet, who leaps over the railing into the brook where she vanishes. The road adjacent to the Black Horse exhibits ghostly manifestations. These include a man who died in an accident some years ago. Observers typically see him late at night. He wears an overcoat and tweed cap. Observers see him run out in front of cars, only to vanish just before they hit him.


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