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The Black Bull, West Lindsey

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9 Lincoln Rd, Welton, Lincoln

  • An old Victorian style pub with a coaching entrance, it exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include Wing Commander Guy Gibson, hero of the Second World War. He was stationed at nearby RAF Scampton. He regularly used the Black Bull. There have been many reports over the years the Black Bull exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include a man in RAF officer’s uniform, with those who have seen this ghost, maintain it is Gibson. There have also been the sounds of an invisible person walking up the18 steps to the restaurant, with the presence of a poltergeist moving and hiding essential equipment. Many times, pilot who got lost between the RAF station and the pub in the dark or snow, have seen an old farm labourer who beckons to them. He leads them across the fields to the road but, when they turn to thank him, he has disappeared.


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