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The Bear and Billet, Cheshire West and Chester

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94 Lower Bridge Street, Chester, Cheshire

  • It was previously the townhouse of the Earl of Shrewsbury. He was the tax gatherer of the south gate amid the 17th century. Presently the house is an inn. It is haunted by an apparition of a servant who worked in the house when possessed by the Earl. The earl's bailiff was a mean and misleading man. He concluded that she did function as hard as he felt she ought to. In disdain, he secured the young lady in the upstairs room, supposing to abandon her there for a day without nourishment and water. By a dire summons, he was summoned to Shrewsbury, some forty miles away. Away for a long time, he disregarded the servant who kicked the bucket, alone in the room. During the evening, cries are heard from that room. Unusual events happen regularly. The gas in the cellar is often turned off and barrels move. Figures are seen moving past the entryway of the upstairs kitchen, yet no one is there when employees check. There likewise is by all accounts a considerable measure of movement in the office, where windows open independently of anyone else. In addition, unusual messages are left on the answer machine.


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