The Barley Mow, Clifton Hampden

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The Barley Mow, South Oxfordshire

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Clifton Hampden, Long Wittenham, Abingdon, Oxfordshire

  • The roadside inn dates from 1352, as the date on the wall advises. Jerome went on to describe the inn as “once upon a time.’’ The Barley Mow is a white painted thatched pub on two storeys, hiding many nooks and crannies. Inside, there are low beams, antique support pillars, oak beams, high-backed settles, and shipping timbers at one end wall. There are flagstone floors and old engravings decorating the walls. In 1779, Sarah Fletcher, who lived in one of the large houses nearby, hanged herself because of her cruel husband. Her ghost, observers see, slowly walking along the road past the Barley Mow. She wears a purple ribbon in her hair and occasionally she has manifested in the bar of this pub. When she does, there is mild poltergeist activity. Glasses upturn and there is the sound of a woman weeping.


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