The Angel Posting House and Livery, Guildford

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The Angel Posting House and Livery, Guildford

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91 High Street

  • An apparition of a soldier in a foreign style uniform , witnesses have seen, in the cellars and guest rooms at the Angel, the oldest hostelry in Guildford. On one occasion, the ghost stayed long enough in a bedroom for a person to make a sketch of him. The Prince Imperial, heir apparent to the French Empire, stayed here in 1876. It is believed to be he who still haunts the building. There are also reports of other ghosts and phantoms being seen in the 13th century cellars of the hotel. One spectacular manifestation is by a nun wearing a black habit with white wimple. When witnessed on the staircase, she is surrounded by an aura of golden light. The pub cellars held secret routes between the hotel and other town houses, for those escaping during times of religious persecution. During the period of witch hunting at Guildford, three women were executed, with their ghosts haunt the town centre still. In the reign of Elizabeth 1, it was decreed that nine pm was late enough for servants to be on licensed premises in the town or be punished by a prison sentence.
  • The Angel Posting House and Livery at Guildford


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