The Angel Inn, Lyme Regis

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The Angel Inn, West Dorset

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Mill Green, Lyme Regis, Dorset

  • A previous old widow proprietor, who does not want to leave the premises, haunts the Angel. Reporters have heard her. Observers see her moving around. She opens bolted doors. Several observers have described the ghost in residence as Queen Victoria. However, it is, in fact, a former proprietor, Mrs. Langton, who was here in 1926. She was in the custom of dressing in the Victorian style of the old Queen, as she regally paraded through the hotel. However, when she died in the 1930s, ‘Queen Victoria’ or Mrs. Langton did haunt the hotel. Observers have observed her phantom to appear from closed cupboards and through locked doors. One man staying here awoke to find the ghost of Mrs. Langton bending over him. He described this apparition as wearing a long black dress, and a white, lace head cover.


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