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The Angel and Blue Pig, New Forest

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High Street

  • An old coaching inn, the Angel is between Bournemouth and Southampton, where a ghostly coachman has frequently , witnesses saw, and He is peering through kitchen windows in the early morning, wrapped in voluminous clothes. There is also an old sea dog, accoutred in a sea-going coat with brass buttons. This particular apparition was an officer awaiting a disciplinary enquiry, who shot himself in his bedroom. There have been reports of the ghost of a girl manifesting in a long white dress, with sitting on a chair. She , witnesses report, to have been a former cleaner who came to a sad end. Several guests, staying at the Angel, have heard loud piano music in the middle of the night. The room, from which the sound comes, had been used for years for social occasions. However, the piano had been taken out and broken up a year previously. There was no other such instrument in the hotel. The smugglers of Lymington, in the 18th and 19th centuries, used wide soled shoes to cross the mud flats carrying their contraband. They knew the safe paths. However, the Revenue men did not, with many of these met with disaster here. The ghosts of these dead officers often appear as black figures surrounded by a sea mist. The author Daniel Defoe wrote in his A Tour Thro’the Whole Island of Great Britain (1724-1727) about the Lymington smugglers. ‘I do not find that they have any foreign commerce, except it be what we call smuggling. This, I may say, is the reigning commerce of all this part of the English coast’.
  • The Angel and Blue Pig at Lymington


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