The Adam and Eve Tavern, Lincoln

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The Adam and Eve Tavern, Lincoln

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25 Lindum Road, lincoln, Lincolnshire

  • At one time, this was a popular name for pubs and the most famous were the Adam and Eve at Paradise in Gloucestershire. The Lincoln pub is the oldest in the city and a fine white painted building with a view to countryside and hills. It has history from 1701. Artisans may well have built it on the site of a much earlier establishment, as it is opposite Lincoln Cathedral. Owners would have been used the original inn to house masons and artisans, as building commenced on the cathedral in 1088. Although the bar area has been opened up to some extent, there is still a number of small rooms. One of these rooms exhibits ghostly manifestations. These include a man wearing a priest’s cassock, sitting at a table reading a large book. There are recorded reports of the apparition of a severed head rolling from the archway opposite the pub. There have also been reports of the sounds of phantom troops marching down on the hill outside. However, when those who hear them peer through the windows, observers see nothing.


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