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The Abbey Inn, Leeds

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99 Pollard Lane, Newlay, Leeds, West Yorkshire

  • There had been a nunnery close-by since the twelfth century. On the other hand, Henry 8th broke it down in 1539. A house remained on that site. Authorities later pulverized it in the late eighteenth century. The resulting structure turned into the Abbey Inn. A propitiator named after the sixteenth century convent, it is a Victorian style stone-constructed premises. A shrouded figure frequents the pub. Locals think to have been a minister from now is the ideal time as a religious station. They additionally accept that an alternate phantom is that of Guy Fawkes, a Yorkshire man popular for the Gunpowder Plot of 1605. Besides, there is the apparition of the practically compulsory Gray Lady and qualities of female delight ascending from the void basement.


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