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Sign of the Angel, Wiltshire

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6 Church Street, Lacock, Chippenham

  • There is some history about this pub. It opened as an inn during the 15th century in another title. The present one reflects the custom during the later English Civil War by Puritans naming or renaming pubs to reflect their own religious and political attitudes. Similar names were Ye Olde Salutation or Soldier and Citizen throughout the country. It exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include an elderly woman, sitting at a table, waiting to be served. When she is spoken to, she smiles and disappears. Inside people hear much creaking and groaning sounds, although their source is invisible. In keeping with its period, the pub has some very low beams and several open fires. In the village, there is still an 18th century lockup for the lawless men of that time. The village is made up of an open market square and there are many ancient cottages in Lacock. It has been used on many occasions for filming period drama pieces.
  • Sign of the Angel at Lacock


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