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Sawrey House Country Hotel, South Lakeland

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Near Sawrey, Hawkshead, Ambleside, Cumbria

  • It is a three centuries old pub. A resident monk-ghost from Furness Abbey spent his early days rescuing girls. Women had displayed some degree of moral turpitude. His own moral standards seem to have slipped. He fell in love with one, who rejected him. He went mad. Commentators have heard him crying out his anguish on the heights of Claife. His ghost has haunted since as well a bar at the Sawrey Hotel. On one occasion, the ferryman mistook his cry for a call, with he went out for his fare. When he returned, the ferryman’s hair had turned white. He never spoke again. Locals believe that the old beams in the bar from ships wrecked on the Cumbrian coast. These wrecks were a good source of sturdy beams, used for the most part in barns and pubs. It is possible that some will have come from wrecked ships in the Armada. The sea destroyed many vessels on the coasts of Cumberland and Northern Ireland. A short distance from the Sawrey Hotel is Hilltop Cottage, where Beatrix Potter wrote many of her Peter Rabbit books.


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