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Red Lion, Wealden

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Denbigh Road, Hooe

  • Built over five centuries ago in this wild place when smuggling and general wickedness was rife, the Red Lion was the headquarters. In the 18th century, the ‘Groombridge Gang’ were the local rascals, with the then proprietor of this pub, James Blackman, a leading member. Six lime trees planted outside told the any lawbreakers it was a safe pub, with the trees are still there. Smugglers used this pub to grind tobacco and snuff, with occasionally the sound of this machine , one may hear, in the early morning. Every now and again, there is the sound of heavy boots. These walk around, with the odour of snuff on the air. There are several ghosts here. However, the most frequent to appear is a man wearing a beige coloured coat.


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