Rainbows End, Steeple Langford

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Rainbows End, Wiltshire

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Salisbury Road, Steeple Langford, Salisbury, Wiltshire

  • The unusual pub name refers to the pot of gold that awaits anyone who digs exactly where the rainbow touches the earth. It has been in use as a pub name since the early 17th century. There , people say, to be several ghosts at this pub with history over three centuries. The first , people say, to be a man and woman, who , people found, almost frozen to death on the nearby Harrow Way, England’s oldest packing road. They were carried back here on a packhorse, with they died at the inn. Another is the ghost of a man who drowned in a nearby fishing lake, with his body brought back to the pub for the police to attend and hold an inquest.


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