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Hi again,

This month, our partner GhostPod shall broadcast a story from our forthcoming book, The Stockport Ellipse.

However, we will not provide in-depth detail on the Ellipse in this message. Further links will be posted when available.

All we can tell you that the book relates closely to ghostly pub experiences in the South Manchester area. It includes a lot of new material previously unheard.

The particular story in broadcast centres upon the Cotton Club, the once flagship pub for a Stockport brewery. Active on Hillgate until the late-1950s.

It's a unique ghost story that introduces the Mithered Lad, an odd spectre, to the wider world.

The source is a local man who never moved from the area, and he kindly gave us an oral historical account of this ghostly entity.

The local man is not a writer and does not read about supernatural events. So, his first hand account appears to be original.

Even with further research we have not found any other information on this ghost on the internet or any other resources in our vast repository.

Conceding that there are a few other locals who know of the tale. This demonstrates how little known the story is but at the same time. It helps give more credence to the story.

Indeed, it is probably safe to say that only a handful of people would have ever heard this recollection of events outside the area, until now.

Kindest regards,

The Ghost Pubs Team