Prince Of Wales Feathers, Kendal

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Prince Of Wales Feathers, South Lakeland

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Wildman Street, Kendal, Cumbria

  • It is a small Victorian pub in a terrace of houses. Locals knew the ghost at the Prince of Wales’ Feathers to have been a previous proprietor, John Nowell. He appears on regular occasions. He described as being a short man with grey hair. He dressed in a shirt and tweed trousers. There is a photograph of that ghost playing bowls which hangs in the games room, with it is from this that the apparition has been identified. He frequently appears through locked doors, walks across the bar. He stands beside the gambling machine. One proprietor went to her room. He saw a pair of ghostly shoes stepping across the floor. Then the man from the photograph, the proprietor Nowell, was stood before her. She said she screamed and ran away. However, added ‘Now I see him so many times, it does not faze me’.


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